a mother’s love — when cancer strikes twice

May 6, 2022

A Letter from Tracy —-

In 2017, I woke from surgery with a diagnosis of Stage 2 ovarian cancer and a 7-month-long battle of chemo ahead of me. At the time, my daughter Jocelyn was just 5 years old but wise beyond her years.

During the next 7 months of treatment, I did not miss one soccer game, practice, school function, birthday party, or event. I did whatever I could to make memories that Jocelyn could always carry with her. In 2018 I finished my last chemo and was declared in remission.

But life without cancer was going to be short-lived. Just two very short years from my diagnosis, my sweet girl Jocelyn was diagnosed with T-Cell lymphoblastic leukemia. To hear the words “your child has cancer” felt like the world had ended. Jocelyn’s battle would last over 2.5 years and the one thing that got her through the hard days was art.

We found The Pablove Foundation and their Shutterbugs program. It was a place where Jocelyn could enjoy her love for art and express her emotions through photography. There were days that were bright + colorful and days that we heartbreakingly grey. Jocelyn was able to express all of those feelings through her photos.

Through both of our journeys we’ve held each other’s hand, picked each other up and saved each other along the way. One thing we have learned is that we can conquer anything together.

As a mom, for her to have Shutterbugs as an outlet was a relief. It gave us time together where we were not focusing on cancer. I saw real benefits to her health and mood improvements. It amazed me to watch her get excited to make art that she was passionate about.

I encourage you to support the Shutterbugs program because it gave our family art that Jocelyn made herself that we could treasure forever.

Tracy Croxen
Mom of Shutterbug Jocelyn

In 2022, after 861 days, Jocelyn finished treatment and is getting stronger everyday.
“My favorite part about Shutterbugs was I love seeing pictures turn into art. The classes are fun and I like learning how to take pictures in different formats!”
-Shutterbug Jocelyn, age 10, San Diego, CA
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