Pablove Dinner Series

What's the dish?

We need your help to spread the pablove! Host a dinner to raise awareness + funds for Pablove's critical programs. You can prepare a meal, have it catered, bring in a chef, the sky's the limit!

Ready to host?

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The Main Course

As a host, you will:

  • Organize a themed-dinner for 10-20 guests
  • Select a venue for your gathering: your home, office, a restaurant or other space
  • Choose the size + style of your gathering: large or intimate, cocktails or brunch, formal dinner, etc.
  • Invite guests and get them excited to discover our mission
  • Provide ways for guests to make contributions to Pablove

all the fixin’s

Hosts will receive:

  • Guidance and Resources

    including an e-vite invitation system to manage your guest list and even collect contributions!

  • Designated Pablove Staff

    to provide support + all the ingredients you need for a successful event!

  • An Opportunity to Gather

    learn, explore, celebrate and have fun while helping fight childhood cancer with love!

The Sweet Finish

Hosts are encouraged to create a theme. Ideas include:

  • Saturday Night Fever/Disco Dinner
  • Bollywood
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Athletic or Sports Team
  • Game Night or Trivia
  • BBQ or Hawaiian Luau
  • Roll Your Own Sushi
  • Italian Night
  • Recipe Contest/Cookoff

Ideally, events will raise $2,000 minimum. Ticket price is $100 per guest (or more if the host desires). Hosts are encouraged to provide opportunities for guests to make donations at the event. Ideas include:

  • Become a major donor ($1,000+)
  • Sponsor a Shutterbugs student ($500)
  • Join the Kindhearted monthly giving circle ($10+/mo.)
  • Raffle or auction off Pablove Prints artwork
  • Sell Pablove apparel + merchandise
  • Host their own Pablove Dinner Series event
  • Make a gift at a level they feel comfortable!

Ready to host?

We're grateful for your support! Register to get your dinner started.