Why Join Pablove Shutterbugs?

The Pablove Shutterbugs program is specifically designed to meet the needs of kids and teens living with cancer. Students who enroll in our courses are able to:

  • Learn photography skills directly from caring professionals

  • Meet and learn alongside other students undergoing similar experiences

  • Build upon their sense of self-esteem and exercise independence

  • Be empowered to express themselves and develop their creativity — all while having fun!

  • Receive and keep their own camera equipment at no charge

What is Pablove Shutterbugs?

Pablove Shutterbugs, the signature art-education program of The Pablove Foundation, teaches kids and teens living with cancer to develop their creative voice through the art of photography.

  • Photography courses for students ages 6-18

  • Courses and materials are provided free of charge

  • Courses grouped by age

  • Many classes are currently virtual

  • Enrolling now! 

Pablove Shutterbugs receive a photography kit with a camera to keep
Pavlov Shutterbugs. NOCCA. New Orleans, LA. April 1, 2017.

Our program offerings include:

Introductory Courses

Introductory photography designed for students in active cancer treatment

Intermediate Course

A summer program for students who want to continue expanding their photography skills and meet other Shutterbugs from across the country. This course is open to all national alumni and is offered as an in-person camp or an online course.

Advanced Course

This course targets teen alumni and focuses on increasing their artistic sensibilities while working with advanced photography equipment


Who can join?

Any students ages 6-18, who have ever been diagnosed with cancer are eligible to apply for the Pablove Shutterbugs program. We serve both out-patient and in-patient students, regardless of where they live or where they may be receiving treatment.

Want to support Shutterbugs? We have opportunities available for corporations, foundations or families. You can donate camera equipment, sponsor a class or be part of a special event. Email us! info@pablove.org

Shutterbugs US Map Collage

where do classes take place?

Our Pablove Shutterbugs students have the option of taking our classes:

  1. in-person at a classroom location
  2. virtually from anywhere including their home or hospital

The Introductory Courses are offered in the following areas:

  • Virtual
    Don’t live near one of the in-person cities or have a preference for a virtual option? We are now offering our virtual course option to all kids and teens across the country — take the course from anywhere, even from your hospital room!

Once your application is submitted, a staff member will reach out to ensure that your child is enrolled in a course nearest to you or that best meets your needs.

How to Enroll

The online application form for both in-person and virtual courses can be found by clicking HERE.

When are classes offered?

Our Introductory to Photography course is offered twice a year. Students have the option of taking in either spring or fall. Refer to the application page for the latest dates and class times.

The 2023 Virtual Summer Session is scheduled for Monday, June 19 - Friday, June 23. This virtual intermediate course is open to all alumni that have completed the introductory course.

Our Advanced Course will be offered starting September 2023.

What impact does the Shutterbugs program have?


“Shutterbugs gave me something to look forward to — connecting with kids that are going through the same things me and learning how to take cool pictures. It's special because I express different feelings through the photos I take.” Jaida, age 12, Wisconsin


“The best thing about Shutterbugs is not only the fun, but seeing things in a different perspective. Always when I go out I bring my camera and never leave the house without it.” Tessa, age 9, Seattle, WA


“Shutterbugs was an important part of my cancer journey. I learned so many things about photography, it helped me express what I was feeling and it was a fun distraction from all my hard treatments. I love taking photos!” Colby, age 10, Boston, MA


“Photography was a way of accepting my situation because it was a way of documenting the constraints of where I was and kept me grounded in what I was doing.” Thevi, age 20, Los Angeles, CA

For more information on the Shutterbug’s Program impact, click here. As part of the program, we evaluate quality of life impact and measurable art learning.