Meet Powered by Pablove Researcher, Dr. Thais Armangue

December 20, 2021

Live from Barcelona —- it’s Powered by Pablove! 🔎🔬💥 Meet Dr. Thais Armangue, a neuro-pediatrician who is researching OMS.

Opsoclonus-myoclonus Syndrome (OMS) is a rare autoimmune condition that affects young children. Most children with OMS are diagnosed at around 18 months. OMS is extremely rare, it only affects 1 out of every 5 million children worldwide, and is slightly more common in girls than boys.

In OMS, a small tumor in the body (called a neuroblastoma) or a viral infection triggers the immune system to attack the nervous system.
OMS symptoms usually begin abruptly and can include rapid, repeated eye movements (opsoclonus or “dancing eyes”), jerking movements (myoclonus), and loss of balance.

Dr. Armangue is focused on novel technical approaches to identify the specific antibodies involved in OMS, for a deeper understanding of how the disease develops. We are so proud to support her cutting-edge project!

The Viswanatha family + friends🎗