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December 8, 2015


FUND THE GAP? YES! With less than 4% of federal cancer research dollars geared toward pediatric cancers, only a few scientists are able to conduct meaningful childhood cancer research. Additionally, federal funding for biomedical research has been decreasing, which has resulted in an increasingly difficult environment for young researchers to make much needed breakthroughs.

The importance of “bridge awards,” like those given by The Pablove Foundation to support young investigators like me, is to help us become independent in our studies and develop novel, groundbreaking research. This cannot be overstated!

Today, I ask you to make a donation to The Pablove Foundation to help FUND THE GAP. The Pablove Foundation wants to raise $50,000 by December 31st, which equates to one seed grant that Pablove can award to another eager, creative-thinking, innovative pediatric cancer investigator.

The Pablove Foundation’s Childhood Cancer Research Grants provide an incredible opportunity to a growing number of scientists— helping us establish a productive scientific career and to facilitate research and ultimately CURE CHILDHOOD CANCER.

I am fortunate and honored to have received support from The Pablove Foundation. This critical funding allowed me to develop a new genetic modification strategy capable of redirecting the human immune system to destroy liver cancer cells in children. PLUS, we found that this approach can be applicable to several other rare childhood cancers and we are now focused on translating our laboratory findings into a clinical trial!

Without the support of people like you, my work would not be possible. This is why it’s important for The Pablove Foundation to award even more seed grants next year. One additional grant could lay the groundwork for the next giant advancement in less toxic treatments for kids. One additional grant could reveal a roadmap that will lead to major breakthroughs. And one additional grant could ultimately lead to the CURE!

Please join me today with your generous gift. Together, we can fight childhood cancer with (pab)love.

Dr. Andras Heczey
Texas Children’s Cancer Center
2015 Pablove Childhood Cancer Research Award Recipient

P.S. Donate $100 or more and receive this amazing poster which illustrates my research project in a cool, creative way – lovingly created by Rachel Ignotofsky.


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