UCLA Arts & Healing Spotlights Pablove’s Ashley Blakeney

August 20, 2019

If you haven’t yet met Pablove’s Senior National Program Manager, Ashley Blakeney, you should!

Ashley has been profiled by UCLArts & Healing as a leader in the Social Emotional Arts space! As an artist herself, Ashley is harnessing the power of photography to foster social emotional learning with youth! 

Read more here: https://uclartsandhealing.org/sea-spotlight-ashley-blakeney/

Ashley with a Pablove Shutterbug student at our Denver Shutterbugs Gallery Show

Ashley poses with Pablove Foundation’s VP of Development, Bart Verry, at the Pablove Shutterbugs Denver Gallery Show.

Ashley proudly holds up a photograph taken by a Pablove Shutterbug artist living with cancer in Denver. 100% of proceeds from Pablove Prints sold online and at our national Pablove Shutterbugs gallery shows directly fund Pablove’s pediatric cancer research grants. Shop our full collection of fine-art prints now at: pabloveprints.org


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