The Secret Behind Pablove – Pablove Across America, Day 1

October 6, 2015

Cyclists in front of Hollywood Sign - Childhood Cancer Fundraiser - Peloton

Welcome to the Pablove Across America blog! Daily dispatches from the road will be posted here.

Pablove Across America 2015 really began with a delicious team dinner at Malo Sunday evening in Los Angeles. Larry Vincent, the father of  Pablove Shutterbugs graduate, Jordan, gave a moving presentation about how photography provided an outlet for their experience with cancer, while also bringing them closer together. He has a great blog post HERE that you can read. The energy in the room was amazing as it was the first time everyone was together, and some of us met our teammates for the first time.

The Trails Cafe in Griffith Park provided the perfect backdrop for the 2015 ride kickoff Monday morning. We heard from Dr. Leo Mascarenhas, chair of Pablove’s Scientific Advisory Committee, about how crucial fundraising research is for children with cancer, but also beneficial to adults. Pablove Shutterbugs graduate Grayson told a story about how he chased down some Pablove cyclists to use the new skills taught in his Shutterbugs photography class. Pablove was also honored with a resolution by the Los Angeles City Council that recognizes the work Pablove has done in the cancer community. Councilmember David Ryu was on hand to deliver the resolution.

After the morning program, we rode out of Griffith Park, stopping at the Observatory for a team photo. Getting out of Los Angeles took a long time, which probably doesn’t surprise anyone. Thankfully, we had an LAPD escort with us. Those guys were incredible for getting us through high traffic areas during rush hour.

The ride, overall, was beautiful and it couldn’t have been better weather for our first day. The route took us through some incredible scenery with orange trees, bell pepper plants, and herb fields. The pictures barely do it justice.  And riding into Ventura after an 83-mile journey with the beautiful Pacific Ocean as a backdrop was breathtaking.

This is my first year on Pablove Across America, and while I’ve spent eight months thinking and planning, looking through old pictures and binders, nothing can even come close to conveying the experience of being on the ride. There are so many moving pieces, and it’s really quite incredible to see it all working in tandem. Whether it’s exhausted riders helping move tables, or mechanics making a special trip to find the right bike piece for a rider, everyone is committed.

It’s also the secret behind Pablove. Everyone involved with this ride is working tirelessly to ensure we’re moving the needle on childhood cancer research, and providing a quality of life to children with cancer. Supporters are continuing to give hard-earned money, sometimes two, three, four times a year because they’re also committed. And of course our riders are sharing the (pab)love, one pedal stroke at a time. It’s the commitment of those around us, on this ride and in each day of our work for Pablove, that drives us to fight childhood cancer with love. Please support the ride, and children everywhere living with cancer by donating HERE.

Don’t forget to check out our photo album from the road, watch the morning’s festivities and dedication below, or read about Day 2.


Ashley Lough

Pablove Across America – Day 1

Los Angeles to Ventura

83.2 Miles

Funds raised: $570,597


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