80 Miles and 4,500 Feet of Climbing for Childhood Cancer – Pablove Across America, Day 2

October 7, 2015

Pablove Cyclists Ride the Coast on Pay 2 to Fundraise for Childhood Cancer Research

Today was all about the calming ocean views and time on the bike trail as we rolled from Ventura to Solvang. Our morning dedication was for Jordan Vincent, one of our Shutterbugs Alumni living with brain and spinal tumors. She is now a very talented photographer and we rode in her honor today.

It’s scary to be in a car on the shoulder of a major highway (the 101) going just 18 MPH with semis driving by. I really can’t imagine what it’s like to be on a BIKE riding 18 MPH with semis driving by. The week is long enough with the climbs before factoring in traffic. In these situations, they ride single file as safety is vital on a ride like this.

The riders tackled their first major climb today, and while many riders seemed pretty exhausted, they also seemed energized. The first-day jitters have gone, and everyone is starting to settle into the week. Today’s ride was 80 miles, covering 4,500 feet of climbing. All in all, it was a tough ride, but riding along the coast always provides motivation to the riders.

Pablove Cyclists Ride for Pediatric Cancer

We arrived in Solvang by mid-afternoon, which gave the riders plenty of time to relax and recover. The Mayor of Solvang, Jim Richardson, joined us for dinner and welcomed Pablove to his city. He joked that they may have lost the “key to the city” but still have the keychain, and kindly gave everyone a pin from the City of Solvang.

The most powerful part of the day included remarks from Tom Kattus, a second-year rider, whose son was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma eight years ago this Friday. He’s happy and healthy now, but Tom hit home why it is that we’re riding – for all the kids that are still battling their disease, and for those who lost the fight.

And speaking of fundraising, during dinner we hit the $575,000 mark – well on our way to $600,000, and if you’d like to help us reach that milestone for childhood cancer, you can donate HERE. Thank you to all of our riders, crew and supporters for helping to make this ride the most successful one yet!

You can view photos HERE and read about yesterday’s ride HERE. Look below for footage from the day’s dedication to Jordan Vincent.

From the road,

Ashley Lough

Ventura to Solvang

80.5 Miles

Funds raised: $577,750

Pablove Cyclists Childhood Cancer Fundraiser


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