POWER PAA VIRTUALLY Options for non-riding fundraising partners

June 8, 2023


You love the pablove but maybe you are not a rider, or you have reasons why you cannot ride with us this year?

Do we have options for YOU!!  … and super easy to set up! 






  • Option 1:  Create or join a team with one or more in-person registered PAA riders


  • Option 2:  Register for the Virtual Fundraising Team!  Do your own thing, AND be part of a Team.  The total fundraising result of the entire Virtual Fundraising Team will be allocated as a fundraising match during September!  Even before the ride! Let’s fuel the pablove!  




Applied for both options:

  • Virtual fundraising partners must register (at a nominal $20 cost) on our event website page.  (Add to the fundraising power of your teammate!)
  • Adding one or more fundraising partners does not increase the fundraising minimum for the in-person event rider(s)  
  • Based on your individual fundraising, you are eligible for the same fundraising incentives as in-person event riders, and you will have the option to zoom-in for morning dedications and a couple of our evening programs. 
  • Fundraise at least $125 and earn your ticket to ride with us on Day 5 in San Diego County or the option to redeem  a $10 Grubhub coupon if riding in San Diego is not your thing.  If so, ride a century – same distance as the PAA riders on Day 5 or any other athletic activity.  5 hours plus for Day 5 for kids with cancer.


You can zoom in on morning dedications and evening programs to join PAA 2023 on the road!  


How do I convince others to give?

The sky’s the limit (or is it??).  Consider a peer-to-peer fundraising feat that is cool, fun, and engaging.  This could include:

  • Embrace a new challenge and undertake a feat that is beyond your routines, which could even include an endurance challenge in a new-to-you discipline.  Or add a challenge to your travel schedule that is unusual and will inspire your friends (climbing a mountain, become part of a local harvesting crew, walk for an ungodly distance to reach a remarkable tourist destination)
  • PAA +  YOUR Cycling Club (or Bike Shop)

Do you have a favorite cycling club?  Get them excited about supporting kids with cancer and  work with other club members to promote fundraising ride/s  to help meet the PAA fundraising minimum.  Or how about a team effort for one additional rider to come to PAA and represent your local cycling club!  No matter what you do, Pablove can help you to think through some tried and tested ideas and best practices.  Ideas could include: 

  • Organize a larger ride with a lunch afterwards (handout burritos, pizza, collaborate with a restaurant for a roadside mea, etc.)  
  • Dare to be different and step up as a champion for kids with cancer by designing a challenge ride (24 hr ride, Everest challenge, riding in Lederhosen, etc.)
  • Commit to a century ride with other club members
  • Get your cycling friends involved by creating a club fundraising team to send one rider to ride PAA and include others virtually to share PAA highlight.
  • Sell or make something (including your friends and family!)



And don’t forget, we are here to help and be your sounding board: development@pablove.org or 323.952.2867.  In the name of the kids, we thank you for helping us to fight childhood cancer with love!