Why Olivia Won’t Miss This Year’s New Orleans Gallery Show

October 14, 2015


My name is Olivia Pritchard, and I own a family photography studio in New Orleans.  I have also been lucky enough to be the Local Teaching Artist for Pablove Shutterbugs here in NOLA since the launch of the program in Spring 2014!  We’ve come a long way since that first class: refining the curriculum, building a team of dedicated Teaching Assistants who keep coming back with each class, creating the perfect field trip experience at the zoo, hosting an annual Gallery Show to showcase our students’ work to the entire community… I am so proud to be a part of what we’ve built here.  It used to be that when I told people about the program, I’d have to say the name The Pablove Foundation, and then explain what we do.  Now I find people saying to me, “Yes, I’ve heard about that,” or “We saw Pablove bikers riding this morning!”  I love that “Pablove” is becoming a household name here in the Big Easy.

IMG_1449 (1)

Behind all of that buzz, however, is the main reason I’m excited to teach the Shutterbugs class: the students themselves.  I love watching them progress in skill throughout our five weeks together, love hearing them toss around terms like “perspective” and “framing.”  It makes me so happy to watch a quiet or shy child gain confidence in his ability, translating into better photographs as he takes risks and begins to create images with intent.  I nearly burst with pride when I am reviewing their photos each week and come across an especially creative, or especially thoughtful, or especially poignant photograph.  And they’re doing it all with point-and-shoot cameras!

Every class, these kids create images that blow my mind.  And that’s why YOU should be at our Gallery Show at Octavia Gallery on October 20th!  I guarantee you’ll feel the same way.  Come have a look at our students’ work on the walls, bid on fine art and jewelry at our silent auction, and meet some of the bravest and most talented children in our community: our Pablove Shutterbugs.  Support The Pablove Foundation by stopping in, or take it a step further by taking home a student print yourself!  If you’re lucky, you’ll even get to speak to the photographer, and ask him or her why she made that particular photograph.  Your purchase of a student print at the Gallery Show will allow us to continue to offer the Pablove Shutterbugs program to local area children living with cancer. Help us fight childhood cancer with (Pab)love!

See you there!



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