Champions Wanted – join our online challenge!

April 14, 2020

The Pablove Champion for Champions Challenge is your invitation to help fight childhood cancer with love during a time we’re all striving for meaningful human connections and ways to help our most vulnerable communities. As COVID-19 dominates our reality, one thing remains the same — children are still getting cancer. No one should fight alone.

Channel your inner champion to help kids with cancer! Join the #PabloveChampion4Champions challenge to support Pablove’s mission. Here’s how:

  1. Choose an activity to challenge yourself. Be creative. Dare to be different! We ALL possess our own abilities and superpowers. You could pick an action that promotes your well-being, gives back to your community or achieves a personal goal…while staying safe of course.

  2. Highlight your efforts with a Facebook fundraiser for PabloveShare your goal and watch how you inspire connection and generosity of others. Ask your friends to cheer you on with donations!
    (Not on Facebook but want to be a Champion? We’ll set up a webpage for you! Email to learn more!)

  3. Rally your fellow championsTag 3 friends to join you and be Champions! Celebrate your friends’ talents and skill sets by challenging them towards a specific goal. Ex: “Mom, I challenge you to take 3 virtual yoga classes with me this week!”

As our powers combine, we’ll see how small acts equal BIG wins to fight childhood cancer with love. These are more than just Facebook fundraisers, they’re a community movement to build light + hope. Let’s channel our energy for a greater good!

Kids with cancer are the real champions. Their courage is an example for us all. 

Unite in the fight against childhood cancer.

 Become a Champion for Champions

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