5 reasons why team training helps you run

November 11, 2014

Like fellow runner, Adam, pictured above, I am also amazed by the passion Team Pablove shares for fighting childhood cancer with love.

That is why Fleet Feet Burbank is proud to continue our partnership with The Pablove Foundation as the official running store and training partner of Team Pablove. Whether you are a seasoned marathoner or you haven’t run a mile since high school, there is something about a group of people united by a common cause that helps push you past your limits.

Here are five reasons why you can do this (REALLY!) if you train with a group:

      • Accountability
        It’s a lot harder to stay in bed or skip home early when you know people are waiting for you to run with them!
      • Motivation
        Those 18+ mile runs can be tough—physically AND mentally. Having a group to run with can keep you going.
      • Injury Prevention
        Running coaches know how to create a training schedule to push you without inviting common running injuries. They can also assess your form to help you run easier and without pain.
      • Structure
        It’s a lot easier to stay focused during training if you don’t have to think about when and where you’re going to be doing the bulk of your running. Our lives are filled with enough stress…your training should be a time for you to just get out, run, and have fun!
      • Relationships
        While plenty of people prefer to run solo, a training group allows you to share your experiences, learn from others, teach others, support others, be supportive, and forge long-term friendships. Even though you’ll be at different paces, you’re all training for the same race and supporting the same cause.

Whether it’s the LA Big 5K, the Half-Marathon Charity Relay, or the full ASICS LA Marathon, I hope you can join the most passionate group of runners in SoCal. Team Pablove training officially begins next Tuesday, November 18 at Fleet Feet Burbank!

Questions? Contact me at sam@fleetfeetburbank.com or Ruth at ruth@pablove.org.

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