Nehchal is a 10-year-old 5th grader living in Seattle, Washington. He really enjoys hands-on science projects, as well as making origami and building legos. Nehchal met Della, Pablove’s Seattle Master Teaching Artist, at a kiosk in Children’s Hospital and she got him excited to join the program. During his journey, he took photographs as a way to keep his mind off the treatment. After his cancer diagnosis in 2018, Nehchal has completed treatment and is now focusing on photography as a way to keep him calm and tap into his creativity. Shooting from different perspectives and capture memories are his favorite things about photography. Nehchal is thankful to the Shutterbugs program for getting him out of the house during his treatment and bringing awareness to childhood cancer. The opportunity to give back to Pablove and future Shutterbugs students is very important to him.

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