Pablove Shutterbugs – Seattle


Shutterbugs Fundamentals is an out-of-hospital program that takes place over five consecutive Saturdays and is offered in the spring and fall. Students are given a digital camera kit and learn key photography concepts including: perspective, light and shadow and storytelling through group classes that are led by a local teaching artist. The program culminates with an annual student exhibition, allowing friends and family to view the student’s works in a proper gallery setting.
Our Pablove Shutterbugs Alumni Summer Camp is a four-day overnight camp located in Southern California. This intermediate course is only for alumni who have already participated in one of our Pablove Shutterbugs fundamentals courses: 8-Week Mentorship (specific to LA) or 5-Week. Besides learning intermediate photographic concepts, there’s plenty of time reserved for camp activities that include: swimming, nature walks, and making friendships that last a lifetime!

Local Teaching Artist

Della Chen