How Your Support Helped Inspire Kids Across the Country

July 21, 2015

Dryden excited for her first gallery show.
Here at The Pablove Foundation, we don’t just believe that photography is a cool art form, we believe it has the power to change lives. And here’s why:

Photography is a special tool that helps you express how it is that you see the world around you. Whether you take beautiful photos of your children, friends, or pets, it’s a way to document how the world looked just to you in that fleeting moment. That photo then becomes part of your story that you can look back on for years to come. That’s a big deal. And one of the reasons Pablove Shutterbugs continues to put a camera in the hands of kids living with cancer.

That’s why we are so proud of the fact that we brought Pablove Shutterbugs to a staggering 257 kids from 13 cities through a partnership with the Livestrong Foundation. Our Shutterbugs across the country learned valuable photography skills in classes that inspired them to capture their unique worldview.

257 kids with cancer equals over 77,000 photos taken!

How inspirational is it that 257 kids learned a fun and challenging art form, worked with caring volunteers and teachers, and had the time of their lives seeing their work displayed in professional galleries for all to see? Your support helped make this a reality.

And here’s the best part: These kids used their new skill to help raise almost $10,000 in funds through their National Gallery shows so future kids can benefit in the same wonderful way that they did!

Don’t take our word on how impactful this program has been. You can hear stories from Shutterbugs such as Alivia in Palo Alto, Mariana in Miami or Taylor in Tacoma.

Mariana has been cancer free since May 2014.

You can check out all of the photos from the National Gallery Shows on our shop. Starting today, 100% of the net proceeds from print purchases goes directly toward pediatric cancer research. Your purchase enables these kids to help kids of the future!

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