Pablove Shutterbug Anthony at the Golden Globes!

January 13, 2014

Anthony at the Golden Globes

Pablove Shutterbugs graduate Anthony got to put his photography skills to work this weekend…as a red carpet photographer at the Golden Globes!

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a key supporter of our Pablove Shutterbugs program, made this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity possible for Anthony. Yoram Kahana of the HFPA describes the red carpet experience:

There are a limited number of spaces, competition is keen, and most of the photographers are veteran entertainment shooters. But in the middle there will be one very different photographer: eight-year-old Anthony Molina, with his trusty Nikon. And he represents a very different organization: The Pablove Foundation, a non-profit that helps children with cancer who are working hard to lead as normal a life as possible. Read more…

In addition to sponsoring our Pablove Shutterbugs program, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association invites a Shutterbug to photograph their events. Last summer, Pablove Shutterbug Catherine was a red carpet photographer at the annual HFPA Luncheon, where Pablove was awarded with a grant for the third year in a row.

Pablove Shutterbugs, our signature arts program, teaches children living with cancer to express their creative voice through the art of photography. Learn more about Pablove Shutterbugs and how you can support the program at

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