The Longest Ride – Pablove Across America, Day 5

October 10, 2015


Today was the long day that people have both been looking forward to, and slightly dreading. There were a few people this morning that I heard say were nervous to start the day, and the ride leaders stepped in to ensure we would have a safe and enjoyable day.

We began the morning with rider Joe Scully dedicating today’s journey to Celia Balderston, age 16, from Clarendon Hills, Illinois. Celia is battling an incredibly rare cancer subtype called olfactory fold neuroblastoma.  Her story was exactly the inspiration we needed for the long day.  

The ride rolling out of Cambria and into the mountains of Big Sur is one of the most beautiful on the route. I think everyone today took a minute and let nature’s beauty soak in. This is a fun, but challenging, and sometimes heavy, week. There is a lot of emotion that surrounds doing this ride for Pablove, whether it’s personal or not. And challenging yourself, no matter how much of an active athlete you are, is an emotional process.  Our day was supposed to be 107 miles, but ended up being 114 miles due to some route challenges.  But, as is always the case, our riders were troopers and made the best of it.  You all are SO amazing!!!

Tonight we recognized two riders, who are also crew members and have been riding with Pablove Across America for five years. Our Lead Rider, Bryan Yates, and a soigneur/rider, Ryan Kelly, have been dedicated to Pablove and our fight against childhood cancer, both as fundraisers and crew.

As you might imagine, everyone was completely exhausted after the long ride today, so the evening was pretty mellow, with everyone relaxing and feeling proud of our accomplishments.  It’s days like today that make us all remember how truly fortunate we are, and why this ride is so important to our mission – fighting childhood cancer with love.

And we are SO close to our goal of $600,000 – please make a donation TODAY!

Click HERE to catch up on yesterday’s blog post or click HERE to see pictures of the ride so far.

From the road,

Ashley Lough

Pablove Across America

Day 5 – Cambria to Monterey

Funds Raised: $596,223


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