Pablove Shutterbugs, the signature arts program of The Pablove Foundation, teaches children living with cancer to develop their creative voice through the art of photography. Learning photography concepts alongside other kids undergoing similar experiences empowers our students to express themselves, exercise their independence, and practice new ways of seeing the world – all while having fun! Classes are provided for pediatric cancer patients ages 6-18 years old. There is no cost for children to participate in this program. All supplies and equipment are provided by The Pablove Foundation at no charge.

Our Fall 2019 Dates:

New York Advanced – September 14 – November 16
NY – September 14 – October 12
New Orleans – September 14 – October 12
Boston – September 21 – October 19
SF/Bay Area – September 21 – October 19
Houston – September 28 – October 26
Seattle – October 5 – November 2


Shutterbug Student Application

Please complete all of the information on this application. Any missing information may delay your participation in the program. 
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Student Information

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Parent/Guardian Information

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Emergency Contact Information
We will always contact the parents first in case of emergency. However, please provide contact information for someone else in case we cannot get ahold of the parents. For example: aunt, cousin, brother, friend, etc.

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Confidential Student Information
The Pablove Shutterbugs program is made possible through generous donations and grants from public and private organizations. Please complete the following information, which helps our prospective donors evaluate our programs. This information is for demographic purposes only, and will remain confidential. The Pablove Foundation will never use your name in association with your responses or to determine program eligibility.


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