Pablove Shutterbugs, the signature arts program of The Pablove Foundation, teaches children living with cancer to develop their creative voice through the art of photography. Learning photography concepts alongside other kids undergoing similar experiences empowers our students to express themselves, exercise their independence, and practice new ways of seeing the world – all while having fun! Classes are provided for pediatric cancer patients ages 6-18 years old. All camera equipment is provided by The Pablove Foundation at no charge.

Photography Program Details:

What We Offer: In-person and online virtual classes in digital photography.
Cost: The program is offered FREE of charge to all participants!
Classes: During each class students learn a new lesson in photography concepts and technique
Supplies Provided: We will supply each child with the camera kit and supplies needed for the program
Photo Projects: Students will complete weekly photo assignments
Graduation: The last day of class is graduation, where we celebrate our students’ accomplishments with a ceremony and presentation of their work. Family and friends are invited to attend
Gallery Show: Student work will be exhibited at a public exhibition in a professional gallery in the future. All net proceeds from print sales directly benefit Powered By Pablove pediatric cancer research grants
in-person vs virtual: See the table below to compare our class offerings and determine which model may best meet your family’s needs:

Our Fall 2022 Class info:


Best for students that want in-person engagement and can commute to class. Only available in 3 cities:
Los Angeles: October 1st – 29th
Houston: October 1st – 29th
New York: November 5th – December 10th (*skip Nov 26)


Available to any student, regardless of where they live or are receiving treatment. Best for students that are in-patient or cannot access in-person class locations. Need access to internet + computer, tablet, or smartphone with a webcam.
Available in ALL cities: October 1st – November 5th

Don’t live near one of the in-person cities or have a preference for the virtual option? Select a city from the dropdown option that best matches your timezone or location. Once your application is submitted, a staff member will reach out to ensure that your child is enrolled in a virtual program nearest you.