W. Clay Gustafson, md, phd

University of California San Francisco

Drugging the Aurora Kinase A Interactome in Neuroblastoma

At University of California San Francisco, Dr.Clay Gustafson is tackling some of the most difficult to treat pediatric cancers; tumors such as neuroblastoma that are driven by the MYC family of proteins. Dr. Gustafson’s Powered by Pablove Seed Grant will allow him to explore a new therapy that shows great promise for treating these tumors.

Dr. Gustafson is also our named Shutterbug Grant Recipient for this year, meaning funds raised via our print sales and the like are designated towards his award. In addition, he will have the opportunity to interact with our Shutterbugs Advanced Class students as they learn more about advocacy and pediatric cancer research.

Awarded in 2018