Kevin Jones, MD

University of Utah

Role of MITF in Clear Cell Sarcomagenesis

Dr. Kevin Jones is a researcher at Huntsman Cancer Institute (University of Utah) and an Associate Professor of Orthopaedics and Oncological Sciences and the University of Utah. He earned his M.D. from Johns Hopkins University. As an orthopaedic surgeon by training, he specializes in the care of pediatric patients with sarcoma.

Dr. Jones is currently researching the role of MITF in Clear Cell Sarcomagenesis.

“Clear cell Sarcoma (CCS) is a rare, but deadly soft-tissue cancer disproportionately affecting children and adolescents. CCS results from one simple—but powerful—genetic change, typically from a stem cell in the deeper soft-tissues of limbs or the body wall. We want to test whether the MITF-M gene is a potential driver of this disease and whether it determines how clear cell sarcomas interact with their environment.”

Dr. Jones

Awarded in 2016