a Deeper Look

Hear the stories behind the photos…


by Colby, age 10, Boston, MA

“This tree is like me because it looks like it’s been through some tough times, but it’s growing from them… just like me.”

Set Me Free (in memory of Grampy)

by Colby, age 9, Boston, MA

Light at the End of The Tunnel

In memory of Mady, age 13, Los Angeles, CA


“I wanted to show how I wore wigs because of my cancer. Many people who have cancer lose their hair and sometimes they wear wigs to make them more confident. I find this photo inspiring because I want people with cancer to be comfortable with how they look. This photo also tells me that sometimes when you get cancer you might start having low self-esteem.”

My Different Personalities

by Tessa, age 16, Los Angeles, CA


by Shay, age 19, New York City, NY

“This is my scar. This is the first and only photo that exists of it. When I was younger, I hated my scar. I hated people’s constant curiosity over what it was. The constant question of what happened to you there? I never wore tank tops, no matter how hot it was outside, and if I needed to purchase a dress, I would make sure that it had at least one sleeve and it would cover the scar. Then, my freshman year of high school on my train commute back home, I noticed this lady who sat in front of me with a port-a-cath scar, wearing it proudly, it wasn't the scar wearing her. She looked so beautiful and brave. Now, I realize I do too.”

They're Just Like Candy

by Cindy, age 22, New York City, NY

My Therapy

by Hany, age 15, Los Angeles, CA

“This is a self-portrait of me making bracelets, one of my favorite hobbies. When I was in the hospital, making bracelets was one of my therapies to recover the strength in my hands.”

Hope in Friendship

by Phillip, age 17, San Francisco, CA


by Kevin, age 6, New York City, NY


by Jack, age 6, New Orleans, Louisiana

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