Pablove Across America

Fight childhood cancer with love, one pedal stroke at a time.


October 5—11, 2015

Combine a dream-worthy cycling adventure, world-class support crew, and the energy of 40 cyclists riding for a cause. You now have the best excuse ever for taking a week off to ride your bike. Pablove Across America flies the flag of childhood cancer awareness around every corner, up every incline, and through the last stretch.

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Ride With Us: Los Angeles to San Francisco

Registration for the week-long ride is closed, but you can still join us for a day or two of the peloton. The fundraising minimum is $350 per day, with a two-day maximum. Choose any stage(s) you like from Los Angeles to San Francisco (see map above).

As part of the Pablove Across America team, you’ll receive a professional-grade experience, including pro-race support to roll behind the peloton and nutritious meals. Enjoy a challenging, meaningful, and picturesque journey under the guidance of the Pablove Team Professionals.

Monday 10/5: Los Angeles to Ventura (83.6 mi*)
Tuesday 10/6: Ventura to Solvang (76.9 mi*)
Wednesday 10/7: Solvang to Pismo Beach (72 mi*)
Thursday 10/8: Pismo Beach to Cambria (58 mi*)
Friday 10/9: Cambria to Monterey (107 mi*)
Saturday 10/10: Monterey to Santa Cruz (48 mi*)
Sunday 10/11: Santa Cruz to San Francisco (87 mi*)

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your Pablove Across America questions answered on our FAQ page, contact our Events Manager Ashley Lough at, or call 323.657.5557 to learn more.

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