Dr. Muller Fabbri, MD, PhD

University of Hawaii

Dr. Fabbri’s proposed research project focuses developing an effective but less toxic mechanism for treating Neuroblastoma. It is known that Neuroblastoma can be effectively treated with a type of cell in a person’s body called a Natural Killer Cell. However, Natural Killer Cell therapy is extremely toxic and often must be stopped before a patient can fully receive its benefits. Dr. Fabbri and his lab have found that Natural Killer Cells release little vesicles called exosomes. These exosomes contain many of the important components needed to fight Neuroblastoma. In his research project, Dr. Fabbri would like to further study the mechanism of how these exosomal components kill Neuroblastoma cells and how effectively they work in mice models.

Right here at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Dr. Fabbri is making tremendous inroads in developing a less toxic but highly effective treatment for neuroblastoma using the body’s own immune system. He is world renowned for his research work and has twice been a recipient of Powered by Pablove seed grants. And now, he is now the recipient of our first ever Pablove Accelerator Award. Dr. Fabbri applied for a large, multi-year grant from the NIH to further his groundbreaking research.

Awarded in 2013, 2014, 2017