Meet the Viswanatha family.

They are even more lovely than they look in their family photo, and we’re lucky to call them our friends. In the early days of The Pablove Foundation, they approached us with a story we understood all too well.

Their child had a rare autoimmune disease as a result of a rare form of pediatric cancer. So rare, in fact, that even the most basic research was not being done to learn how to fight the disease. A lack of research leads to a lack of treatment options…which leads to a lack of hope. But not for this family, and not for The Pablove Foundation. Together, we launched our first named fund for Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome research. Since then, more families have followed in their footsteps to fund hope through Pablove.

We strive for the day that no parent is told that there are “no options” for treating their child.

Unite with us to move research forward on a type of pediatric cancer that you are passionate about curing. You can create a Named and Designated Research Fund through our foundation, which is guided by and advised on by our esteemed Scientific Advisory Committee. Through a designated fund you will create an action plan with the goal of raising $50,000 for a research grant to award within a grant cycle. This allows families and advocates to take advantage of the bright minds of our Scientific Advisory Committee while focusing on the task at hand – funding breakthroughs in pediatric cancer.

Our Designated Funds

Learn more about creating a named, designated, or endowed fund. Contact us at or 323.657.5557.