Kerry Quakenbush

Director of Team Pablove

Kerry is the Director of Team Pablove, the organization’s dynamic group of dedicated athletes that raises funds through endurance / racing events. In addition to overseeing Pablove Across America, our amazing week-long fully supported cycling event, he builds groups of charity athletes to participate in other types of sporting events that take place all over the US and abroad. Certified by USA Track and Field as well as Road Runners Club of America, Kerry has completed over 60 marathons, two full Ironman races as well as numerous races of shorter distances. He has been a fundraising professional and athletic coach in the nonprofit sector for 13 years focusing on endurance events. Kerry is a world traveler and is multilingual which makes conquering races with teams in other countries his specialty. Are you ready for a fitness challenge? Team Pablove is open to EVERYONE (complete beginners as well as experienced athletes).

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