Jonathan Devich

Director of Pablove Sports

Jonathan AKA “Jono” is a cycling industry veteran and world class sports photographer. His work has been published in CNN, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health and Outside to name a few. Throughout his career he’s partnered with top athletic brands and events to develop successful marketing campaigns, including the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team’s marketing team, which earned 1.4B media impressions and $18M worth of media value for sponsors in one race season.

Jono works with the best teams and athletes in the world, and he has covered the most elite cycling events. After several years of (being lucky enough) to have him as our Pablove Across America photographer, Jono is thrilled to now step into this official role and inspire people to harness their athletic abilities to help kids with cancer! He is excited to use his vast cycling industry knowledge and experience as a rider and racer to support our PAA riders, and also lead new athletic programs + events for Pablove Sports.

In his spare time, Jono races road bikes, mountain bikes and more recently, competes in off-road motorcycle desert racing.  Jono lives in Reno with his wife Libby, 2 step kids, Lincoln and Willow, and 3 dogs, Nibbler the Chihuahua, Indigo the small dog mix and the love of his life, Taz, the big ‘ol pitty. 🙂