Helping kids with cancer live
a love-filled life today, and a cancer-free life tomorrow.


Now Enrolling: discover joy + creative arts healing through Shutterbugs!
Pablove Shutterbugs is now enrolling kids with cancer ages 6-18 to join our virtual or in-person programs. All equipment and materials, including a camera that your child can keep, are provided at no cost.
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What We Do

Pablove Shutterbugs

The Pablove Shutterbugs program teaches children + teens living with cancer to develop their creative voice through the art of photography. Offered nationwide, and now virtually, this arts education program has put cameras in the hands of kids with cancer in 27 states.

Powered by Pablove Research Grants

Powered by Pablove research grants are awarded to scientists looking for new and novel treatments and cures for pediatric cancers. To date, The Pablove Foundation has invested over $3.5 Million in pediatric cancer research.

Our Mission

Improve the lives of children with cancer through the arts.

Invest in underfunded, cutting-edge pediatric cancer research.

Pablove Shutterbugs Cities

The Pablove Foundation is achieving outcomes nationwide.

We teach our Shutterbugs Photography Classes nationwide, and we fund groundbreaking cancer research across the globe!

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Friends of Pablove

The Friends of Pablove are passionate allies from all walks of life that aid in growing and sustaining Pablove programs in their communities. The Pablove Foundation thrives nationally because of the generous support of our Friends! Currently, we are looking for new members to join our Friends of Pablove in San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York, New Orleans + Houston.

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