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11 years old, New Orleans, LA

Ray Anthony is young renaissance man who aspires to be an actor, photographer and business owner. He loves to act, do karate and take pictures. Ray Anthony was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 4 years old and is currently “all good and healthy.” Ray Anthony loves taking photos of plants and himself and loves trying new techniques to make his photographs more interesting. Ray Anthony is proud to be a Shutterbugs Ambassador because he wants to go to college for business and believes that speaking and representing Shutterbugs would be a great learning experience.

“This is important because some people think just because you can take vitamins and keep yourself healthy that you can’t get cancer but when I was a baby, my mom took care of me and I still got cancer. I want to let people know about it and most people don’t know about it. I want more people to know about leukemia and not just breast cancer, skin cancer, etc. I want people to know more about leukemia so that we are in the same category and they know that this isn’t easy either.”

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