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11 years old, Boston, MA

Lily is currently in 5th grade and loves to ride her bike, play hockey and go skiing. She aspires to be an engineer, like her father. Lily was diagnosed with ALL when she was 5 years old. It was the day before kindergarten started and caused her to miss about 2 months of school. She is entering her fourth year off treatment. What Lily loves about photographer is the ability to take pictures and remember all of the things that you’ve done before. She is excited to be an ambassador because she wants to tell people why she likes Shutterbugs and her experience. She also thinks more people who went through cancer should try Shutterbugs as well because it is so much fun!

“I want to inspire other people who went through cancer. Just because you had cancer doesn’t mean you can’t do awesome things in the future. Just because you’ve been behind a little bit, you can still do awesome things that other kids have done.”

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